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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

45-4417 Military Records

The following email was received this morning, confirming that "Maverick" (LN-MAV) was used in real WWII missions. I´m very grateful to AFHRA and the free work that the friendly archivists do over there, thanks!!

Dear Mr. Johnsen

Thank you for your request.  Attached is a copy of the assignment record for the L-4J, s/n 45-4417.

According to the records, this aircraft was delivered on 20 Dec 1944 and shipped to Europe by sea, via Horsehead and Elmira NY.  It arrived in France on 26 Dec 1944 and assigned to the US Army Ground Forces (not the USAAF.)  It was declared surplus on 28 Aug 1946 and transferred to Norway on 15 Apr 1947.  This is all we have on its assignments.

For information on markings and colors, we recommend you contact the National Air & Space Museum archives at the site address listed below.


600 Chennault Circle 
Maxwell AFB AL 36112 USA
(334) 953-2447
DSN 493-2447

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