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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

13157 Build Sheet

Today I received the build sheet from Clyde Smith Jr. in the mailbox (thanks to Clyde for being such a fantastic resource to all restoring old Cub´s!). It´s a transcript of the original manufacturing record. It was produced and rolled out (same day? don´t think so...) on December 9th 1944, signed out by D. Snyder. Now I can check if the original fuselage and wings are still on, or if major parts has been replaced during the years. The original C65 engine is changed to a C90, as with most L-4´s around today. Yet another piece of the big puzzle is now in place!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cub bear & x-rays...

My daughters Ingelin and Linnéa thought I could need a "lucky-bear" in my Cub...

One of more than 20 x-ray images taken by AIM Norway, the company that performs heavy maintenance for the Norwegian Air Force. They spent 5-6 hours including report and documentation package! Great job, so much easier than cutting into the tubes.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back from X-Ray corrosion check

Picked up MAV today from the military side of Kjeller airport. They took more than 20 X-Ray images of selected tubes and joints. Conclusion: No significant corrosion! Infact, almost nothing at all. Will try to scan and post some examples of the X-ray images soon.
Very happy for the result! And, my quick-fix to pull the L-4 worked very well!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Removing lower fabric

After engine warmup once again, it was time to start preparing for the x-ray corrosion check. It feels terribly wrong to put a sharp knife against aircraft fabric... at least if you´ve never done it before. I invited a good friend, Knut, who is a qualified glider technician. He was keen as anyone on removing cover! If I had´nt stopped him ti would only be a skeleton left.

We started making a long split under the fuselage. By gently using the hands, the fabric came off easily from the bottom tubes. It´s hard to tell, as little experience as I have, but I thought the tubes looked remarkably "fresh" considering it´s more than 30 years since they last had sunshine. With some luck, Maverick is off for x-ray by the military F-16 maintenance facilities this week. Will bring over the wing struts too for x-ray once they´re at it. Will be very exciting to see the result. Heaven or hell. :-)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Testpilot found!

What a find! And I was getting worried how to get hold of an ice cool test pilot who would remain calm whatever happened on that first flight. I think I´ll call him "Iceman".
Iceman in a small L-4.