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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Project formal approval

Due to holidays, the formal acceptance of the restoration project came only a few days ago. However, I knew the EAA had recommended it before the summer. Nevertheless, this is a final GO for the complete restoration of LN-MAV (now called "Maveric"). It's a good thing that the Norwegian CAA approves this type of projects as EAA Experimental Category. This is the only way to rebuild these wonderful old Cub's for a reasonable price tag.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Older photos of MAV

Helge Brun, previous owner and restorer, sent me some very nice photos of MAV, both before and after last restoration. I especially like the photo of MAV on ski's with the horses... What a tru norwegian winter experience! Thanks for the photos, Helge!

Status: another 5 hours and the fuselage will be completely stripped, ready for wash and a coat of paint. Wondering if I should buy new parts from Univair or if I should bid on a similar L-4J which is 70% finished... Would give me all restored firewall, cowling, struts (new), propeller... And the kit includes restored floats for J3, skis, new tires, engine in unknown condition... and a pair of newly covered wings. Tempting. I might give a bid.

New leather seats arrived from Don, new canvas slings as well. Got an extra 2 inches put into the rear seat so I can see better. Plywood floor and shelf will be made soon. Must get some paint soon, with the original Olive Drab color. Summer holiday now so I should get some more time.