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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Instrument panel from Keystone Instruments

I was on a training course at the FAA in Oklahoma City recently. Not knowing when would be the next chance to travel to the States, I could not resist the chance to get the cockpit done. All instruments fully restored and yellow tagged. Must give credit to Ken at http://www.keystoneinstruments.com for great work. He got the panel from Clyde Smith "across the street", and put it all nicely together. The original Stewart Warner oil temp/pres gauge on the right was not cheap, but worth every buck! Can´t wait to put it all into the L-4, I´m sure it will look great.

BTW, I need to split the dynamic and static lines because I´m planning to use the iLevil AW AHRS. It will then show airspeed and baro altitude on the tablet application. I would like to know if anyone has experience in splitting pressure tubes like that - will it still show correct readings ?

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