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Monday, April 15, 2013

In her new hangar, for now stowed at the back, but next week our winter-occupant Cherokee moves out providing more space for the restoration work to begin. So far all I´ve done is to tear out a whole lot of cables. I also removed the ELT to avoid "accidental use". Those things have a tendency to live forever...

Next weekend the plan is to take her outside and start the engine. It has been started on a regular basis since hangared in 2003. After a good warmup, the engine can be taken off and sent to the local workshop for further inspection and overhaul. Next out would be to X-ray the fuselage checking for corrosion. When that is done, hopefully without major findings, the fuselage will be taken home. Having the possibility to work in my home garage is the only way I can throw in a couple of hours nearly every day. 

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