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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1980 photo of LN-MAV

This is the only photo Google comes up with when searching for "LN-MAV". It´s taken in
Leicester (EGBG) 5th July 1980 by Dave Mangham. As a curiosity, I turned 8 years old the next day after this picture was taken... The previous owner (Eidar) has an old newspaper clip of this aircraft flying Norway´s prime minister Mr. Borten to his hunting lodge in the norwegian mountains. So even if I don´t find any records of WWII missions, at least it´s been a "VIP plane" for the norwegian government in the late sixties. :-) I´ll try to get a scanned copy of that article.

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  1. My first trip in a private plane was with this aircraft sometimes around 1975. We flew on skis from Holtekilen, over Solihøgda, low pass over Tyrifjorden and back to Holtekilen. I was about 10 years old when this happened. Great trip and a fantastic experience for a young boy.