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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Back in the garage

Early spring is here and the car has been swapped with the MAV in the garage! Good to have her back in the garage at home, which from now on is called the hangar. Need to mount all controls, trim, wire harnesses, tank, instrument panel etc. When all that is done, I'll take her back to Kjeller for full body covering.
The BC-659 radio box shows below. However, the radio box needs sandblasting except for the front plate which was a spare part never used. Looking at the back seat curved tube, it looks almost as if it's too low. I don't think there should be as much as an inch gap between the wooden shelf and the tube. Will have to check that.
Floorboard color is a hint darker than the OD on the walls. I could off course give the floorboards a top coat with the Sikkens Autocoat OD which is used on the ceconite, but I don't know how the auto paint will stick to the wood in the long run, I'm afraid it might peal off. The floorboard paint is outdoor paint for wood, so that should keep well. I think I will tolerate the slightly different OD variant there.

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