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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Finalising fuselage for covering

After a business trip to Oklahoma City I'm back and with a few days off work to complete fuselage. In Oklahoma I got hold of some important components:
- 1950's USAAF Harness (click here it's worth a look... ;-) )
- VHF COMM antenna (just in case the original AN-29-C is not good for VHF band)
- "Lift-the-dot" fasteners to attach first aid kit
- New fuel cap
- Misc other...

But most importantly in Oklahoma: I flew 0:30 in the famous Reno Racer P-51 Mustang "Miss America". AWESOME!!! And it boosted my inspiration to keep up the work on LN-MAV to get my own warbird back in the air. Performance is a little different though...

Anyway, here's a few pics on whats going on for the moment:

Covering fuselage started today. Still awaiting a VHF antenna to be installed, so we had to stop to maintain accessability to the ground plane for antennas. But it's looking good so far!

Loaded on my brother in law's trailer. Ready to go to Kjeller (ENKJ) for covering.

A skibag installed to enable transportation of 2 pair of cross country skies. Looking forward to those late winter flights to a frozen lake from where we can go for great ski trips. Special velcro was sewed on by a local car-furniture shop to securely fasten the bag. It does not even come close to the control wires, which is important! When not in use, the bag sticking out into baggage compartment can easily be stuffed back behind the back wall to maintain original looks.

Mounted the chart-holder from Dick Hall. 

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