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Monday, May 5, 2014


Working on the interior these days. Front rudders and breaks were easy to assemble. Rear rudders attach to both front seat as well as break cylinders - they were worse to get in place, mostly because of the rudder pedal spring. Need to call in a friend to help me. Impossible to work alone - you press from the underside and the bolts go back up... Even my wife came out to assist me, which I appreciated very much - a first!!!

However, with some "help from my friends" I will get the rear rudders mounted soon. Wood strips for the BC-659 are in place. First aid kit needs fasteners, I don't know where to get those, must ask on the Cub forum.

Considering if I should put the existing floor protection plates in place or not. Must check if that was original or not. Might go for some plexiglass only - that will protect the floor but hardly be visible at a glance.

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