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Thursday, May 22, 2014

LN-MAV model

An aviation artist living up north in Norway, Roald Olsen, is among the kindest people I know. He is doing some artwork for us at work - norwegian marble stone tiles with custom carving of aircraft. However, on his spare time he makes models. Lots of them. Not only the aircraft, no this guy makes the jeep with the mechanics, the toolboxes, he puts it all together like it was photos from WW2.

Roald made me an L-4 model based on pictures on our LN-SAI, also located at Kjeller, Norway. However on this one he painted the MAV serial number 54417 on the tail as well as my selected "J 43" unit code. The model is in my office so I can enjoy it all day! 


And by the way: Roald will travel 1000 miles to come and paint nose art on MAV this autumn! I guess he is practising his Pinup paint skills now... :-)

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