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Friday, August 15, 2014

Paint job

During the project I have used a local workshop "Peer's Sandblåsing" to sandblast, prime and paint some parts. Working with Peer is also Dalius Zazas, a Lithuanan car painter. He was in charge of the paint process which went really smooth. Biggest concern was that after weeks of warm summer weather it suddenly changed when we started painting. Good thing: lots of rain to keep the dust down. Bad thing: night temperatures below 15 deg C which is the critical limit for the hardener. If the hardener process stops it does not resume when temp increases. However, "with a little help from my friends" I got a huge electrical heater from the guys at Aeromech and power from my hangar neighbour Oddan. Thanks!!

Comments below the pictures:

I used Facebook to invite all my friends to a hangar sweeping party, but only my wife turned up... And she made me promise to run 10 km at Oslo Marathon next year in return for her help! Floor was swept with brush and hosed with water. I'm sure that floor was not cleaned since the hangar was built late 70'ies.

First up, final layers of Rand-O-Proof and silver dope.

We decided to start making the invasion stripes. 8" thick, 3 white, 2 black.

Gray color below wings and fuselage. The color cards shows a very dark gray and most restorers tend to select a lighter gray. So did I.

Olive Drab on the wings and fuselage.

Camo Green on the upper side of wings and elevator+rudder. Perhaps we put on a little too much camo. Oh well, the wings will be restored in a few years, no big deal!

Camo on the tail.

Dalius and myself, very happy with the result of 3 long days of work!

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