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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Modified gear-legs...

They have been there all along. Well, I exchanged the original MAV gearlegs with the second L-4 I had (LN-RAK). I did not notice anything strange about them - they were restored, painted and hang on the wall. I simply repainted them gray and OD and it was only when we mounted them on the fuselage that I noticed "something" was wrong... could not really put my finger on it, but this was somewhat strange. Walked over to the other L-4 at Kjeller airport (LN-SAI) and compared. Ahhh! MODIFIED gear-legs! Damn!! If I had known I would have kept the ones from MAV originally and sandblasted them.. Anyway, this was a modification done to many J3's on floats. It makes a great step for refuelling and entering the Cub. So we simply glued a strip of black leather to protect the ceconite. With all other modifications to this one, especially birdcage, this is really a minor one.

The modified gearlegs. A strip of leather will ensure good grip when standing on it for refuelling and stepping in and out.

Norwegian air safety board recommends as a general rule using helmets on Annex 2 / vintage planes. I will use it in the test-flight period as well as when going on short fields and "special missions..." I'll show later what I did, but basically this is a chineese motorcycle helmet for the grand price of 30 USD. Then I easily fitted my Bose QC15 with UFlymike - and thats how you get an active noise reduction aviation helmet for less than 1/5 of the normal price.
Breaks looks good, it was a big moment to get it back on it's own "feet".

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