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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bit by bit...

Making progress... all those minor things you would not think of... they take time. But it's all coming along really nice now. This will be a good week: our usual Cub building Tuesday night, then the welder will come on Thursday night to hopefully complete exhaust system. Then Friday May 1st is a public holiday = whole day with the Cub! Then we have scheduled rigging Tuesday next week. So this could be the breakthrough we have been waiting for. Perhaps we will finally be ready for some taxing very soon.

Some pictures with comments below.

Even new cowlings from Univair does not necessarily fit well... The top cowling had a gap of almost 2". Should have returned it, but they are probably all made like that.. Talked to someone who had seen it before and recommended to split it in the middle. However we decided to split it on the lower left side to minimize "the impact" and estetics.

Hangar neighbour Oddan and my cousin Sander joining the two parts with round-headed rivets.

Glued on a protection canvas for the top cowling. Made of solid sail-canvas (double).

Impressed by Sander who made the aluminum-piece for the soldering iron which cut perfect holes for the aileron control cable.

Mounting the aileron control cables to the control stick.

Jury struts installed after receiving the correct ones (for the rear strut) form Univair.

Upper half of the door finally attaches to the wing. I wanted a flat-fit there instead of the original mounting on the L-4.

By cheating a little and using Cessna flat drain valves, the hole in the door can be made much smaller.

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