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Monday, April 20, 2015

L-4 stencils

Thanks very much to Tor Nyhus at 335 Squadron of Royal Norwegian Air Force for letting me in to the military paint shop to create all the stencils I needed. Fantastic helpful and friendly guy who has painted many of the great vintage aircraft in Norway, both flying and for museums.
Using the old machines went like a dream, even though they are really old. Some will skip a space and you get two letters on top of each other... but after about an hour I had made them all, except "NO STEP" which will give me a chance to visit the squadron again later...
Meeting people like Tor who wants to help strangers is always great.

Yeah, I have to wear the EXPERIMENTAL tag too... It hurts to put it on, but there is no way around that. At least it helps when it looks "military"..

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