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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Exhaust-system and more

Today we had Søren visiting us in the hangar. He is a very skilled welder, daily working with highly complex steal/mechanics for off shore use. Søren is now making the exhaust pipes to fit my C90-12F engine, totally different from the 8F engine which was on LN-MAV before. Right side is more or less finished (some fine welding and "polishing" remains). Also notice the black painted cylinder tops. That is correct for the L-4's, even though the chromed ones are cool...

Ailerons cables rigged today. Now MAV has a nice and tight tension with shackle-ends joining the cables. Also, we fine-rigged the tail today.

All in all very happy with the progress. Hope to finish all exhaust system on Tuesday. Windshield up next, and fairings. Working really hard to make the deadline 31 May for the annual airshow at Kjeller Airport. Hopefully also with a CAA inspection following the exhibition after the airshow.

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