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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Exhaust system done!

Tonight we finished the exhaust system with the help of Søren, the expert welder from Denmark! It looks great, and I'm sure we now have a more durable exhaust system than the ones available off the shelf. Besides, getting it made on site makes it fit to the cowlings. Great work Søren, thanks very much!

We also checked the travel on control surfaces. How... ? My brilliant technical chief, Sander, came up with the idea of using a phone inclinometer - they are by far accurate enough and so easy to use!

Cowlings are now in for a final touchup of paint - getting ready for the static display 31st of May.

Furthermore, continued fitting of the windshield. Have marked the final adjustments to be made and should be able to fix it next time. Small detail: Sander finished the pitot protection in olive drab canvas with a nice and long "Remove before flight" tag. Should be hard to miss on daily inspection...

It's all looking good - and more work to be done in the long weekend coming up. Thursday however, we are flying down to south Sweden to visit the "Cub & Cubs" fly-in, and hopefully spot many nice Cubs and L-4's.

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