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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Permit to fly" application

Today, absolutely all paperwork on LN-MAV was completed. All EAA signatures, all attachments... (maintenance report, POH, maintenance program, test flight program etc..) was finalized and sent off to the norwegian CAA. July is vacation month in Norway, so I'm really hoping that they will be able to process my application for Permit to Fly before July sets in..

As I have not flown taildraggers for a while (just the Cessna "Cardinal" lately...), the guys in the LN-SAI team (another L-4J located at Kjeller airport) let me fly for an hour tonight. We went up the Glomma river low level and watched all the campfires along the waterfront. Its a norwegian tradition to be out all night by the fire tonight as it is the longest day of the year. Kjeller airport closes for operation at 22:00 LT, but you could almost fly until midnight on VFR day...

The skills was still there... I was pretty happy with my flying and the landings. I plan to make another flight just before my first testflight, this time with some more airwork with stalls and slow flight.

Waiting for that permit to fly now.......

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