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Friday, June 19, 2015

CAA inspection and first startup!!!

Another great step forward in the "Maverick" project today:

1) Norway CAA inspector carefully inspected all details on the aircraft and paperwork. With only a few minor findings (most of which we already knew) it passed the inspection "with honors".

2) First startup of the engine since it last ran on LN-RAK (also an L-4J) back in 1976.

The Norwegian CAA (like most other CAA's) does not have the best reputation amongst private pilots. But I have to admit that all contact I have had with Norway CAA regarding the LN-MAV project has proven them as professional and extremely helpful! Where else would you experience that a CAA guy called you up because he saw your number on the call log from 2 days ago!!??? And said "what can I do for you?"  I really have to give those guys up in Bodø credit for their positive attitude towards this project. Thanks guys!!

Then we filled her up with AVGAS... and (after correcting a small leak - in a FAA PMA part!!..) we took her out for an attempt to start. It took quite a few turns, but I think the primer pump needed quite some squirts before it startet pumping fuel into the carb. I look like an idiot when the damn thing first started - I had spun the prop so many times that it came as a chock!! :-)

We have to do some fine adjustments to the carb - it seems to run too lean on low RPM. However in 1000 - 1500 RPM it ran like a turbo prop! Considerably less vibration with the Hercules wood propeller than what I was used to with a metal prop. I just could not resist making a first taxi test as well. Brakes works just fine (well, just as good as "normal category" Cub brakes anyway) and steering was no problem.

A real highlight, but as Sander put it: rolling her out for the first time display at Kjeller Airshow was even bigger! Lets just hope that the maiden flight will beat that! Now follows more engine runs as well as high speed taxi tests. Then on monday we will send the application for "Permit to fly" and hope that CAA has not closed down for the summer holiday and that someone can give the approval!

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